New Foo Fighters Video (Feat. Rashida Jones) – “Long Road To Ruin”

Love it when Foo Fighters hit the costume department and have a laugh. Unlike “Learn To Fly,” for instance, Dave Grohl (or, Davy Grolton) sticks to but one character in this ’70s hospital soap opera send up within a sendup, but it’s a good one with a great haircut, alotta tears, and the requisite hair lip. The clip also gives us the best fake name we’ve heard since Bart’s prank calls to Moe: Saul Goode, dude. Plus Davy gets a quick make out session with The Office’s Rashida Jones and later dies in a fiery car crash. It’s all very rock ‘n’ roll.

Nice Rashida timing: Karen made a return — albeit brief — to The Office last night. And Jim’s faux moustache just couldn’t disguise how many times he shoved his foot in his mouth during that fond reunion. But hey at least he got an invite to the Finer Things club out of it.

Echoes, Silence, Patience And Grace is out on RCA.