New Radiohead – “Unravel {Pocket Mix}”

Although the dust has virtually settled from Radiohead’s Entanglement and thumbs_down webcasts, we find a most excellent excuse to revisit our shared moment of online nerdery last week thanks to Richard Jankovich (aka Pocket). “I was feeling really inspired by all this Radiohead activity and was feeling a need to be creative,” Pocket wrote, attaching his souped up version of Thom & Co.’s subtle, spare Björk cover. Grab the original Radiohead take here, then spend a few minutes with Pocket’s reworking. (Sit tight for the not-so-surprise guest at 2:50.) We’ve always been fans, but this is the deepest Pocket’s gone yet. Outstanding.

Radiohead – “Unravel {Pocket Mix}” (MP3)

There’s another Pocket project on the way, less rehash and more original collaboration in spirit. More on that soon — from what we’ve heard, it’s ace. Meanwhile in Radiohead news: as anticipated, Dave Matthews’s ATO label is the US home for In Rainbows. And for your photo collection: This pic of Nigel, Jonny, Garth & Thom from the thumbs_down fun comes via video/tech man Adam Buxton’s website (via P4K).

[Click the booze, watch it grow]

Adam (aka “milk from Thom’s nipples”) writes that Byrne was there, too, and that he loved the bike helmet stuff for “Jigsaw.” This is not surprising.

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