Michael Showalter Tours Blogs, Lies About MP3s

Today we have a guest blogger, comedian Michael Showalter. You loved him in The State and Stella and Wet Hot American Summer, and more recently College Humor’s The Michael Showalter Showalter and his new album’s erotica and Billy Joel-y promo pic. Sandwiches & Cats is out today on JDub and Michael’s spending this super Tuesday doing a virtual promo tour, starting NOW. Michael’s ties to the indie rock community (he killed at Sasquatch and continues to collaborate brilliantly with Shudder To Think’s godlike Craig Wedren on soundtracks) convinced us we could get away with hosting the first stop on today’s tour. Also, we’ve got a video in which Michael shows us what’s really on his iPod (Sheryl Crow MP3s are labeled “Cat Power”). He’ll be back later to do a wrap-up of his HTML-breaking day. In the meantime, good luck, Michael. If you need any pointers, you know where to find us…

By Michael Showalter
This is my big kick-off post for all of the blog tours of duty (no! not “doody”) that I’m doing. Doing a blog tour of duty is alot like doing a tour of duty in Vietnam but without all of the killing and heroin and questionable motives. A blog tour of duty is also less uncomfortable that being in the Vietnam war. In the Vietnam war they had to walk through the jungle weighted down with supplies; often they were tired; sick; wounded; hungry; scared; and overheated. I’m sitting at my desk in Brooklyn, drinking coffee and listening to U2. My blog tour begins here but here isn’t where it stops. You can also read my “posts” on EW; and Deadspin; and Culturebully; and My Old Kentucky Blog; and Brooklyn Vegan; and The Apiary; and Jewschool; and Huffington Post; and more here on Stereogum later. It’s all because I’ve got a new comedy record that comes out today on JDub Records called Sandwiches & Cats and we’re trying to compete with Kanye for record sales.

Here’s a video of me talking about my favorite songs that I’m no longer ashamed to admit that I love. What songs are you ashamed are in your collection?