Gossip Girl Brings Virgins, Guitar Hero To UES

Spotted: C in the back of his limo driving up and down Park Ave. Heard: “One Week Of Danger,” one of five songs by the Virgins featured in last night’s episode of Josh Schwartz’s CW soap Gossip Girl. Yes, star-making music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas has come through in a big way on her promise to feature some up-and-coming NYC rockers. We’ll spare you the plot summary, but know that Blair Waldorf’s 17th birthday featured sushi, plastic guitars, and drama. Here’s the opening scene with the aforementioned Virgins tune:

The band’s other songs in episode 8 (“Seventeen Candles”) — “Fernando Pando,” “Radio Christiane,” “Rich Girls” and “Love Is Colder Than Death” — make up the rest of their 07 EP. You can stream three of ‘em at MySpace and purchase at iTunes.

But wait — here’s the best part: Stereogum totally willed it to happen! From our 8/27 post Gossip Girl Is The New Grey’s Anatomy:

This is a New York based show (exploring the lives of rich Upper East Side kids), so Patsavas says “we’ll definitely be using some New York-based bands.” Betcha this page gets 1,000 friend requests overnight. Predictions for bands that’ll appear on the show? Here’s ours.

You owe us, Virgins!

The Virgins – “Rich Girls” (MP3)

Meanwhile, a friend tells us that the Gossip Girl book series eventually had Chuck coming out of the closet and getting a pet monkey (really). So things are about to get interesting for Miss Waldorf.