Remember That Time Morningwood’s Chantal Claret Was Nine And On Oprah?

The last time we saw Chantal Claret, she was giving Paul Scheer a little just-after-12AM morningwood at the Human Giant Marathon. And we thought that maybe that’d be the last time we saw Chantal Claret, period. Not so: today Brooklyn Vegan posts this recently excavated footage of Chantal on Oprah, when she was just a nine-year-old truffle-loving, well-traveled, death-obsessed little girl. Awww.

“I like thinking about what happens when I’m dead because I wanna be ready.” Wasn’t she precious? Well you know how the story turned out; little Ms. Claret escaped childhood without facing any such tragic fate, and went from loving operas and art and books about Egypt to simply demanding that you t-t-t-take off your clothes. Oprah should do a follow-up!