New Robert Plant & Alison Krauss Video – “Gone, Gone, Gone” (And Led Zeppelin Headlining Bonnaroo?)

Krauss and Plant follow up an intimate rendition for Hoda Kotb with this clip for their take on the Everly Brothers’ “Gone, Gone, Gone (Done Moved On)” looking like fools in love, shuffling amid the land of discarded disco balls, bubbles, old-school jitterbugging silhouettes, and creepy blow-up dolls (Jeff Koons in the house?). It’s a lot of fun, with a great bottled energy, but the one thing we’d be remiss not to point out: They don’t really look like they’ve done each other much wrong.

Way to burn, T Bone. Compare the dancing kids and final stage set-up to the Everly crowd from back in the day. The tune comes from Raising Sand, a collection of collaborative covers between the bluegrass lady and the lead Zepper. Anyhow, just why is Plant looking so coy? Come to think of it, John Paul Jones looked kinda coy, albeit it a creepy way, when he stood by his piano in that wacky Uncle Earl video. Dudes are up to something, and we have a theory … which will be new to those of you who skipped the headline.

Someone wrote to Bob Lefsetz: “Zeppelin just confirmed for Bonnaroo. They can’t officially announce until after the London gig so pass it on! Also Metallica is confirmed on the bill too!? Of course just a rumor. But we’ve heard it elsewhere, too! Last year we knew about the Police a few weeks before it was public, but this year Stereogum’s in the dark. Anyone know anything about what’s going on? Looks like Zep’s proving extremely durable; probably moreso than Cameron Crowe thought back in ’75.

Raising Sand is out on Rounder. Zeppelin may be out at Bonnaroo.