Akon Covers Michael Jackson

The media circle jerk over the 25th anniversary of the bajillion selling Thriller isn’t what it would have been perhaps if the mouthpiece and danceman for those tacks hadn’t devolved into, well, whatever he is these days. But we certainly paused to pay tribute to the funk of 40,025 years, and you can bet your cat-eyed contacts Epic isn’t letting this little milestone get away without some repackaging and re-releasing action. As previously mentioned, master child-chucker slash dry-humper Akon is amongst the ranks of those appearing on Thriller – 25th Anniversary Edition (alongside Kanye and Blackeyed Peas will.i.am. and Fergie). Here’s some sounds to back that report, A doing MJ’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Something.”

Funny how he takes that great ass-shaking jam and makes it sound like Train for the first forty seconds. But it’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Something” so it’s pretty hard to fuck up. And may we just type: Mama Se, Mama Sa, Ma-Ma Koo Sa? Thanks.

Thriller – 25th Anniversary Edition is out 2/12/08 on Epic Records.