New Björk Video – “Declare Independence”

Well shit, this is pretty great. Michel Gondry tag teams with Björk for the seventh time (and first in a decade, taking it back to B’s “Bachelorette” days) and he conjures a concept for the Icelandic queen and her army of me. See Björk’s using those same strings that slavishly bind to rupture the system (and the tweeters), to inject some new color to the scene, to shake you free of societal shackles by militaristically stomping and shaking your ass. And seriously who doesn’t believe in the emancipatory power of bright colored paint?

Björk at Madison Square Garden 9/24/07
[Pic from Björk @ MSG 9/24/07

Volta is out now. Hear Michel talk shop on the clip here. And remember kids: Be kind. Rewind.