New These New Puritans Video – “Elvis”

No, not the New Pornographers, These New Puritans. It’s totally different. The bookish British four piece ought to have some big days ahead of themselves on these American shores. Not only do they have great songs, integrate loops and computer squeals into the picture, and name check Kafka (and, we guess, the All Hail the New Puritans anthology) as an influence, in a very Blonde Redhead/National/CYHSY/Evan & Jaron move, two of the players — vocalist/guitarist Jack Barnett and drummer George Barnett — are twins. Plus, there’s that cute synthesizer player, Sophie Sleigh-Johnson. Then again, barky vocalist George isn’t lacking in charisma: He earned a spot on NME’s 2006 Cool List and jumped onto this year’s best dressed in GQ. Not bad, young man. If you haven’t heard them yet, a good intro is the dark and windy video for “Elvis,” the Fall-y first single from their forthcoming debut full-length Beat Pyramid.

These New Puritans

Stigmata a go go. If you want more, you can also watch an eerie, wonderfully noisy “Elvis” webcast and an upside down teaser. Check out additional sounds at their MySpace. Watch it, Arctic Monkeys.

Beat Pyramid is out on 2/4 in the UK via Angular and sometime this spring in the US via Domino.