New Wyclef Jean (Feat. Paul Simon) Video – “Fast Car”

Paul’s been popping up in our neck of the woods a bit recently — getting covered by Swedes like Lekman and P&B (noJ), paying his respects to Grizzly Bear, having respects paid by Vampire Weekend. Riding the welcomed wave of reappraisal and adoration for Paul, we took a listen to his collab with Wyclef, and liked it (“at least during the hooks and anytime still-crazy Simon’s singing”). Admittedly, the verses are lacking (or “meandering” with “dull strumming,” said EW). And the video? It’s got cameos from Kanye West, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and Oprah! And on a more somber note, Tupac, Sean Bell, and Left Eye. Of course by “cameo” we mean still photos. Also, Paul Simon’s participation is represented by a picture of a highway at night, presumably taken from a fast car. OK forget about how bad the video is — Wyclef only needs three strings to jam!

The Carnival II: Memories Of An Immigrant is out via Sony.