Yo La Tengo Celebrate Hanukkah With Alex Chilton And Other Friends

Every now and then, you should remind yourself how lucky we are to have a band like Yo La Tengo chugging along. For the past 20-something years, they’ve been belting out their gorgeous Hoboken art-rock ‘n’ roll, managing to reinvent themselves constantly, remaining at home with each shift. As much as that NJ ambition, you can count on the trio for their annual Hanukkah shows at hometown club Maxwell’s. This past week they held their week-long event, welcoming various guests, and trying out various Hanukkah-appropriate (or Hanukkah-shifted) covers along the way. According to an article in the Times Wednesday’s 90-minute “Yo La Tengo and Their Heavy Friends” set included spots by The Daily Show’s John Oliver, Mac from Superchunk, New Zealand legends The Clean, and Alex Chilton. You can find out plenty more at YLT’s personal, funny Hanukkah Diary (Remember, Ira Kaplan was a music journalist before all this rock star business). The below shot of the YLT blogger in question and his broken menorah paint a nice picture, but how about some moving images like Yo La’s take on their classic “Tom Courtenay”? A blistering “Sugarcube”? Those and a Kinks and Velvet Underground tune with Mr. Chilton, after the jump.

[pic from Yo La Tengo’s Hanukkah Diary]


“Tom Courtenay”

And then the two with the Big Star.

“Femme Fatale”

“Till The End OF The Day”

Too bad Hanukkah only comes once a year. But at least it’s for eight crazy nights.