New Portishead, Live From ATP

We spend so much time thinking about Radiohead, that we almost forgot there was another ‘Head band out there. The last time we brought up Portishead was in reference to the icy sounds and concepts of BTW To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie, but now the British trip hoppers get a post all their own, because some MP3s and videos from their ATP “Nightmare Before Christmas” performances this past weekend made it onto the Internet (thanks, Yiyo). You can listen to three new live MP3s over at Deaf Indie Elephants. Before that, though, how’s about getting cozy and watching the below, hugely percussive, purposefully chilly tune. Bundle up first, please.

There are more live clips at YouTube, but this was the one we could feel in our guts. Portishead played two sets during the weekend — one Friday and one Saturday (Mr. Aphex Twin did two sets as well). Thurston Moore was there … Oneida and Black Mountain, too. And, holy flashback: Glenn Branca and Silver Apples! Injecting quite a bit of Southern Lord into the weekend, Boris, Sunn 0))), Earth, Oren Ambarchi, and Om were also all in the house. And lots more. Anyone go to this?

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