Yacht Rock Docks For A New Episode, A Night Of Softsational Hits

Guess who’s next week just got a whole lot better. Yours if you live in NYC you lucky Doobie Bros lovers you. Forget Xmas — it’s the return of Stereogum’s favorite soft rock satirizing series Yacht Rock with a brand new episode. Especially good tidings because a year-and-a-half ago it seemed that Yacht had sailed off into the Steely sunset. But now J.D. Ryznar’s taken his eye off the sky and resuscitated his Channel 101 show for a new episode (#11!) and fancy party at Knitting Factory on 12/27 to premiere it, after a screening of the entire series to date (five-minutes an ep, ADHDers) and alongside some live Yacht Rock hits from the School Of Rock. Sounds awesome, although topping the Hall & Oates vs. Kenny Loggins & Michael McDonald showdown will be no small feat.

Anyway, to refresh your recollection as to why this is all great news, let’s revisit the project with Episode 1, the making of “What A Fool Believes,” a.k.a. the event that went on to inspire great moments in music, such as Vampire Weekend’s wardrobe and New Pornographers YouTube contests.

To recap, that’s December 27th, 7PM at Knitting Factory. Are you going? ‘Cause you better believe yah mo b there.