Mini CRS, Mini Thom Yorke Make A Video For “Us Placers”

Kanye, remember when times were simpler, when you had your innocence and shit wasn’t so ham-fistedly black and white? Well, even if he doesn’t, this VA$HTIE-directed video for “Us Placers” from Kanye’s Can’t Tell Me Nothing mix finds cute lil’ kidz versions of ‘Ye, Lupe, Pharrell, and Thom Yorke (slumped and depressed like Rain Man, Jr.).

Adorable. The only inaccuracy we can find is Kanye being the tallest person on the set. (Well, not counting Lupe’s older woman.) According to the director:

this video was shot for the love of the song on zero budget! ie: all the clothes and props were mine or a friends. thanks to everyone who helped out and worked for free :)

And goes on to say that this wasn’t a “commissioned video,” they just went for it because they dug the song and concept. Apparently it’s connected to that maybe-cool 1992 party, because there’s a link to it in the YouTube description. The alternate feel of it puts us in mind of another Kanye-related hoedown. Wait, maybe that’s why he feels the need to keep reminding us he’s black.