We Versus The Shark Cover Pattern Is Movement

Well that didn’t take long. The first single from Pattern Is Movement’s forthcoming, untitled, and awesome LP, “Right Away,” came via 7″ on December 11th. The first cover of it comes now. Athens, GA spazz outfit We Versus The Shark do the honors by grabbing the original’s punchy, contrapuntal Rodgers & Hammerstein vibe by the melody and thrashing it around some, slamming it against some walls and through some fuzz pedals. Pattern Is Movement are playing without a guitarist these days. We Versus The Shark most definitely are not.

We Versus The Shark – “Right Away” (MP3)

Previously in “Right Away” goodness:

Pattern Is Movement – “Right Away” (MP3)

The cover comes as the first in We Versus The Shark’s Murmurmur project, “an ongoing collection of renditions of songs we’ve been inspired by in the past few years.” The band promises a new cover each month this year, to be posted for free download at Quote Unquote Records. If you like what they’re serving, tip the bartender.

We Versus The Shark Cover Pattern Is Movement We Versus The Shark Cover Pattern Is Movement
[PIM pic from Knitting Factory 12/31/07]