New Xiu Xiu Video – “I Do What I Want, When I Want”

First questions first: Why again weren’t Jamie Stewart and Caralee McElroy at the head of the Mr. and Ms. Indie Rock class? Before you disagree, take a look at the video for steel-y, sax-lined Women As Lovers standout “I Do What I Want, When I Want.” Stewart dons his cowboy shirt and intones about “a dream about loss” through various outfit shifts, dancing with his eyes closed, hugging his stuffed Fabulous Muscles cat, getting punched in the hard-hatted head, and vacuuming his face (the chaffing!). McElroy’s also all about the costume changes, but one-ups JS via images projected on her blouse and her hair’s greater flexibility (up or down). She spits things out, inhales nicotine, looks oddly like Jenny Lewis. The YouTube note (and user name) refers to the video just having leaked, but in this Trent Reznor world, who knows for sure, and anyhow, it’s more interesting watching Xiu Xiu do all those aforementioned things (along with the mugging by other XX members) between Gummo-sorta footage of backyard/living room wrestling and images of exotic fruit.

(Thanks, Deaf Indie Elephants)

This is why glitter is our favorite color. Dig how the title’s “I”‘s echo the “Me”‘s of Xiu Xiu’s ‘Gum Dropped “Save Me Save Me (Me Me Save Save Mix).” And here’s a souvenir of your time here:

Xiu Xiu – “I Do What I Want, When I Want” (MP3)

The excellent Women As Lovers is out 1/29 on Kill Rock Stars.

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