In The Studio With Kaki King

Yesterday we premiered Kaki King’s expansive Dreaming Of Revenge closer “2 O’Clock,” which she told us she wrote from the point of view of an ex-girlfriend who took care of her during a particularly “awful time” of bad dreams and sick stomachs. Missed it? Listen here. Today we’re in the studio with King and her awesomely mellow producer Malcolm Burn as she writes the lyrics for “Life Being What It Is.” King’s known most for her guitar playing, so it’s interesting to see her struggle with words: She dances, checks levels, sings along to the playback, talks about the dark pop of the record, and her difficulty with finding the perfect rhyme for “what’s happening in my life right now.” She mentions how the lyrics are more personal than they’ve been in the past, which is bright and clear when she fiddles nervously with her headphone cable while intoning some of the song’s lines

“You said I’ll see you December / That’s not long enough for me / You put a note in my pocket / And said to take care of me / But that was all.” On the album the month’s changed to “September.” Wonder why? Definitely more emotionally affecting and complex than Death Cab’s recent studio vid.

Dreaming Of Revenge is out 3/4 on Velour.

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