New Evangelicals – The Evening Descends

There was a night back in ’06 where we swung into Bowery to take in a headlining set from the always great Serena-Maneesh, and wound up having our heads shredded by the the cackling, shape-shifting psych-pop of Evangelicals. The mini romance begun at the Ballroom (and furthered by their debut So Gone) just blossomed into some full-on need-to-be-with-you/can’t-stop-leaving-messages crazy-in-love shit this past Friday night, though, when we finally heard the band’s follow-up The Evening Descends. Over and over again, all weekend.

This is a great album, a big, sprawling, mess of a trip through the band’s unhinged and unruly musical vocabulary. It’s a strain of pop, no mistake there; but as made by kids from Oklahoma weaned on the Lips and Scooby Doo re-runs, on 8-bit pastimes and ’80s bands (U2, the Smiths, even the Cure circa “Just Like Heaven” come through virtuosic singer-guitarist Josh Jones’s home blend). Now take that mess of modifiers and run it through a kaleidoscope, and you’ve got the mighty first cut:

Evangelicals – “Skeleton Man” (MP3)

Please listen to the entire record, streaming at MySpace — though if you’re picking and choosing, go “Midnight Vignette,” “Paperback Suicide,” and “Party Crashin'” to start. Love. It.

The Evening Descends is out 1/22 in the US, 2/4 in the UK via Dead Oceans.

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