New Zoot Woman Video – “We Won’t Break”

The British elecro-dashing quartet of founders Adam Blake and Stuart Price (aka remix duo Paper Faces), Jonny Blake, and Bee Hatherley have been on our minds a little more than usual after they popped up on Justice’s self-leaked mix. In the video for “We Won’t Break,” the guys and gal party like it’s 1542, busting into faded canvases and watching Bosch-y birds and various 16th century characters bicycle and bounce on land, air, and sea. The flaming hot air balloon’s a little nerve wracking, but don’t sweat it: Looks like it’s Jesus piloting that bitch.

Don’t like art? You can download it at RCRDLBL, too. The track comes from their new album, which is due in ’08. You can get more details as they happen at the band’s site.

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