New Old Madvillain Video – “Accordion”

“Accordion”‘s been a Madvillain favorite since MF Doom and Madlib joined forces on 04’s Madvillainy. We like it even more today, this shadowy Andrew Gura-directed video piping it back through the cranium, reminding us what was so excellent in the first place. The simple, effective visuals find Doom in a hallway spitting into the camera, Daedelus handling the title instrument and a silhouetted lady writhing all over the place. Maybe “writhing” isn’t the right word for it.

But speaking of words, that song’s really packed. How many great lines can a person cram into less than two minutes? Shot in ’04, around the time of Madvilliany’s release, the previously unseen video’s included on Stones Throw 102: In Living the True Gods, Stone Throw’s first DVD. You can get more info a the label’s site. Of course, you realize where the DVD title came from. Like we said, great lines.