Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cover Nirvana

Lots of people are doing lots of different things to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind, but here’s one that nobody really anticipated: The kid from Third Rock From The Sun, onstage in Seattle, singing “Lithium.”

Two nights ago, JGL was in Seattle, performing at the Neptune Theater as part of HitRECord At The Movies (HitRECord is JGL’s production company/blog thing). During the show, he broke out a solo-electric cover of track five from Nevermind. And OK, sure, fine, Gordon-Levitt is a fine actor with many good roles under his belt (The Lookout! Underrated!), and his “yeah-eah-eah-ee-yeah” is not altogether embarrassing. But, I mean, come on. You’ll see what I’m talking about below.

(via Billboard)

The best part, obviously, is the mid-song soliloquy where JGL says, “It doesn’t matter that [Kurt Cobain]’s dead.” JGL, of course, knows all about death; Michael Myers totally buried an ice skate in his face in Halloween H2O.