Rihanna – “Cheers (Drink To That)” Video

Real Talk: I’ve been waiting for Rihanna to release “Cheers (Drink To That)” as a single since the first time I heard her 2010 album Loud. The track is a viciously singalongable drinking anthem, and it always needed to be more than a deep cut. Well, the song finally has a video, but that video has its pluses and its minuses. Let’s discuss below.

Plus: The video actually makes it look like fun to be a super-famous globetrotting pop star. Minus: It does so in the form of one of those on-the-road montage videos that pop stars do when they’re too busy or too lazy to make a real video. If the boring-as-hell “California King Bed” deserved its own real video, so did this song. Plus: It was a brilliant idea to release this video on a Friday. Minus: It was not a brilliant idea to release this song on the one Friday this summer when the entire East Coast is planning to spend the whole time attempting to not die in a hurricane. Nobody is looking forward to this weekend, Rihanna. Nobody is drinking to that.

Shout out to the guy who pushes Avril Lavigne into a swimming pool. We’ve all wanted to do that at some point, and you’re living the dream, bud. No shout out to the person responsible for choosing Rihanna’s onstage outfits. What are you doing, that person? You are blowing it!

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