T.I. Gets Out Of Prison

The kang back! Two years ago, T.I. went to prison on a federal gun charge. He got out just long enough to record No Mercy, his dispiriting comeback-attempt album, before going back to prison once again last September after a gallingly dumb Las Vegas drug arrest violated his parole. But TMZ reports that he’s once again out of prison this morning, heading either to home confinement or to a community living facility. Either way! Nice! He’s also back on Twitter, and he seems to be in understandably good spirits.

Just-out-of-prison rappers don’t exactly have a sterling artistic track record (All Eyez On Me notwithstanding), and T.I.’s last few albums have been relative mediocrities, but there’s no touching this guy when he’s in beast mode. Below, check out the video for the almight “Rubba Band Man,” an example of Tip operating at peak capacity.

Can we get that T.I. back, please?

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