Arcade Fire Win Polaris Music Prize

Lots of good records come out of Canada every year, but only one of those records gets to win the Polaris Music Prize, Canada’s equivalent to the UK’s Mercury Prize. Every year, a bunch of music critics vote on the most deserving Canadian album, and this year, they picked a scrappy underdog that’s already won a prize or two since coming out last year: Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs.

Arcade Fire beat out artists like the Weeknd, Destroyer, Austra, Colin Stetson, and Braids to win the award. The prize comes with a $30,000 bonus that is almost certainly on the way to some Haitian relief organization as you read this. Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham, who won the award a couple of years back, co-hosted the show. Arcade Fire showed up in person to accept the award, and Austra, Braids, and Timber Timbre all performed. Sounds like a fun night!