Bon Iver’s Celebrity iTunes Playlist

Bon Iver is totally a celebrity now, which means he gets to do things like make a celebrity iTunes playlist. Justin Vernon’s playlist has some of the things you’d expect, including tracks from legends (Bob Dylan, Funkadelic) and collaborators (Kathleen Edwards, Colin Stetson). But there are a few serious left-turns in there too. Vernon’s list also has songs from Bay Area cult rapper Andre Nickatina and Nashville-country baritone heartthrob Josh Turner. And perhaps most surprisingly, it also has Donna Lewis’s gorgeously cheesed-out adult-contempo hit “I Love You Always Forever,” which Vernon claims that he ripped off for Bon Iver’s “Calgary.” Check out the playlist below.

01 Bob Dylan – “Angelina”
02 Funkadelic – “Can You Get To That”
03 The Staple Singers – “Uncloudy Day”
04 Richard Buckner – “Canyon”
05 Fleet Foxes – “Battery Kinzie”
06 Don Williams – “I Believe In You (Single Version)”
07 Donna Lewis – “I Love You Always Forever”
08 Andre Nickatina – “Dice Of Life (The Battle)”
09 Kathleen Edwards – “Away”
10 Song Of Zarathustra – “Mess Of Zero”
11 Mount Moriah – “Lament”
12 Colin Stetson – “The Stars In His Head (Dark Lights Remix)”
13 Iris DeMent – “Leaning On The Everlasting Arm”
14 Mississippi Fred McDowell – “Shake ‘Em On Down”
15 Josh Turner – “I Wouldn’t Be A Man”

You can buy this playlist over at iTunes.

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