The Black Keys (And Bob Odenkirk) Announce New Album

The Black Keys, who are incredibly fucking popular right now, are gearing up to release a new album called El Camino on 12/6. This, in and of itself, is good news. But they get extra style points for the way that they’ve announced it. Bob Odenkirk, who has been extremely funny as the skeezy lawyer Saul Goodman on the last couple of seasons of Breaking Bad, makes the announcement while wearing his Saul Goodman suit and hair, playing a used-car salesman in a series of commercial outtakes. Watch it below, and then hold your breath for Breaking Bad to come back after last night’s absolutely incredible season finale.

(via Pitchfork)

The Black Keys have this site set up to help build noise for their album, so maybe we can hope for more Odenkirk.