SXSW: Rock Star Or Porn Star?

Age old question, we know. Stereogum scammed an invite to last night’s party at the 301 in Austin, featuring an awkward mélange of musicians (MGMT, Moby, and the sexy Frenchies of Justice), Playmates (Miss May ’08! Miss Feb ’01!), and music bloggers (Perez, we’re told). Fellow partygoer Amy Phillips of Pitchfork reports:

I don’t know how [Moby] managed to make stuff like Basement Jaxx’s “Where’s Your Head At” and Guns n’ Roses’ “Paradise City” sound fresh and exciting, but he did. Maybe I was just delirious with exhaustion? As for Justice, they stood there smoking cigarettes, looking impossibly hip, spinning the hits. Just being in the same room as those guys made me feel like a sleek, sexy VIP who was totally used to hanging out with Playboy Bunnies, whatever, no big deal.

Can’t confirm ’cause we were busy finding out if those Bunnies could properly identify Vaginal Cream Davis. Don’t quit your day jobs, girls.

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