Chromatics – “Kill For Love” Video

The dreamy Portland electro-pop crew Chromatics recently had their song “Tick Of The Clock” featured on the Drive soundtrack, and the group’s dreamy synthwave seemed to be a huge influence on that film’s whole aesthetic. (Chromatics production mastermind Johnny Jewel actually completed a score for the movie, but it ended up being rejected. He’s planning to release it anyway.) All of which is to say that this is a good time for Chromatics to crank out an album, and that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Chromatics will release the new joint Kill For Love early next year. That’s the cover art above. Below, we’ve got the tracklist, as well as the grainy, vintage-looking video for the album’s title track. Alberto Rossini directs, and the song is real pretty.

01 “Into The Black”
02 “Kill For Love”
03 “Back From The Grave”
04 “These Streets Will Never Look The Same”
05 “At Your Door”
06 “Lady”
07 “Flashback”
08 “Running From The Sun”
09 “Dust To Dust”
10 “Birds Of Paradise”
11 “Electricity”
12 “Baby”
13 “The River”
(via Gorilla Vs. Bear)

Kill For Love is out in January on Italians Do It Better.