Ryan Adams Adds Video Game Columnist To His Résumé

Dr. and Mrs. Adams are still very much married, but Mandy Moore’s Twitter isn’t the peek into their domestic setup I was hoping for. I imagine their home-life as a sitcom, with the nutty rocker at the mercy of his A.D.D. to the chagrin of his straight-laced ex-pop star spouse (“Ryan, why is there a flanger pedal in the microwave?”). It is exactly like that I’m sure. I’ll share my fanfic on Gibbard/Deschanel another time. Anyway, the newlyweds haven’t collaborated on any music as far as we’ve heard (though he has Mandy listening to Jandek), but today we get a video from the pair featuring Ryan enthusiastically reviewing the old arcade game Gorf. In the full arcade they’ve apparently set up in their house.

The video comes from Long Player, Ryan’s new video game column for The Awl (for whom he also wrote a theme song). An excerpt:

Gorf stands for “Galactical Orbital Robot Force,” which is not a Radiohead album (yet). Creator Jamie Fenton also made a Mrs. Gorf but nobody was rushing to the drawing board for that game. Supposedly Fenton had a sex change, but I don’t know about that. I’m not sure whose voice they used to make the game sound like an alien commander, but when it is cackling at me I am always convinced it is someone wearing amazingly tall platform shoes, you know, the kind where everybody looks when you go by.

And there other Ryan Adams happenings. Next month he becomes NYC’s Morrison Hotel’s first Artist In Residence. Here’s one of his pieces:

More here.

Hello Sunshine, his second book of poems and short fiction is out in December. He’s on Norah Jones’ new album. And according to a tip we got this morning, he’s been posting at length on the Ryan Adams fan forums. Maybe.

Also, this: