Nine Inch Nails/Mew @ Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles 9/2/09

Bad news for ticketholding NIN fans: Trent’s sick, and tonight’s show at Henry Fonda has been canceled. No big deal, they can always just come back and … oh right. Sorry, Los Angeles. The good news is, overall, this NIN Wave Goodbye tour has been so spectacular that one can only wonder how Reznor can outdo it with the NIN Wave Goodbye (For Real) tour in five years. The NYC shows were in places absurdly small (Bowery), and even the (relatively) larger shows brought something special, like Terminal 5’s Peter Murphy guest spot and Webster Hall’s The Downward Spiral complete retellings. Well last night the Hollywood Palladium got their own track-for-track Downward Spiral setlist, followed by a setlist of harder edged NIN alongside rarity “Lights In The Sky.” (Also a rarity: Gary Numan joining on “Metal” and “CARS”). Mew opened, as did Queen Kwong.

So back to the bitter pills: Trent was coughing last night, tonight’s show is off, but as for now Saturday at the Wiltern and Sunday at the Echoplex are a go. For now here are some shots by Andrew Youssef, and last night’s setlist:

01 “Mr. Self Destruct”
02 “Piggy”
03 “Heresy”
04 “March Of The Pigs”
05 “Closer”
06 “Ruiner”
07 “The Becoming”
08 “I Do Not Want This”
09 “Big Man With A Gun”
10 “A Warm Place”
11 “Eraser”
12 “Reptile”
13 “The Downward Spiral”
14 “Hurt”
15 “1,000,000”
16 “Terrible Lie”
17 “Lights in the Sky”
18 “Burn”
19 “Gave Up”
20 “Suck”
21 “Metal (w/Gary Numan)”
22 “CARS (w/Gary Numan)”
23 “The Hand That Feeds”
24 “Head Like a Hole”