Bon Iver, The Decemberists Record With The Chieftains

I don’t care if your name is Seamus O’Hoolihan and you just ate a whole uncooked potato for breakfast; Justin Vernon and Colin Meloy can now effectively brag about being more Irish than you. That’s because both of them have recorded songs with the Chieftains, the long-running traditional Irish folk band. The Chieftains will celebrate their 50th anniversary as a band, and to celebrate, they’re releasing Voice Of Ages, a new album of collaborations, and both Bon Iver and the Decemberists are on board. It will be very, very interesting to hear how those sound.

Voice Of Ages is out 2/21 on Hear/Concorde. And yes, the thing I said in the first sentence means that Ziggy Marley is also more Irish than you, so maybe don’t take it literally.