The Avalanches Attack Bon Iver On Twitter

The Avalanches haven’t released an album in about 11 years, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped paying attention. And since that album was Since I Left You, people pay attention when they make a fuss. Recently, The New York Times posted an interview with Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon in which Vernon essentially calls the Grammy Awards meaningless. (The interview was conducted months ago, before Bon Iver got nominated for a buttload of Grammys.) And in a series of posts on their Twitter this morning, the Avalanches have called out Vernon for maintaining that stance while, at the same time, appearing in ads for Bushmills whiskey.

Here’s what they had to say: “a musicians ‘art is compromised’ if he/she desires a grammy .but endor$ing a product with proven devastating health risks is ok? a product which kills 100k p/a in the US kids look up to you. # rememberwhenitwascoolNOTtosellout

Vernon’s response: “talk about ‘desire.’ do u drink whiskey?”

And the Avalanches’ response to that response: “actually vodka is more my thing, but this aint no rock n roll pissing contest. i have seen alcohol destroy many families … including my own.. and you are making money off this shit . dont try and justify it.”

Then, Vernon: “I’m not. I was asking questions. Fucks sake. Glad I get to play guitar tonight.” Also: “literally not upset at you or anything. Was kinda into a talk.”

The Avalanches: “same here …” The story develops!

Ah, Twitter. May you enable utterly random musician-on-musician public throwdowns until long after we’re all dead.