New Scarlett Johansson – “Anywhere I Lay My Head” (& Album Art)

You’ve heard what Scarlett has to say about covering Tom Waits, you’ve read what Bowie has to say about her covering Tom Waits, shit you’ve even seen what Tom Waits has to say about ScarJo covering Tom Waits. NOW IT’S TIME TO HEAR HER COVER TOM WAITS. The record’s called Anywhere I Lay My Head, and the first cover to convert its way into internet friendly streamability is the title track. As Sitek told us on a snowy night a few months back, he was going for a “cough syrup/Tinkerbell” vibe throughout. That night we complained that Sitek’s dense production tended to bury her vocal — drowning Tinker Bell in the cough syrup, to fuck with the metaphor. We walked out thinking it was a swell sounding Sitek album, and Scarlett was guesting. This is just the first helping, but see how the syrup suits you.

UPDATE: It’s been removed! Listen to Scarlett cover Gershwin while we await new streams…

Now, the art:

See, she’s laying her head! (Hey photographer, you’re fired.) Anywhere I Lay My Head is out on Rhino, soon. Since the Zooey vs. Scarjo debate is inevitable, let it roll. As far as we’re concerned, M. Ward built the record up and around Zooey’s voice; in total, Anywhere leaves you thinking it’s Sitek’s show. We’ll revisit when we can hear more at our leisure.


01 “Fawn” (Alice)
02 “Town With No Cheer” (Swordfish Trombones)
03 “Falling Down” (Big Time)
04 “Anywhere I Lay My Head” (Rain Dogs)
05 “Fannin’ Street” (Orphans)
06 “Song for Jo” (original)
07 “Green Grass” (Real Gone)
08 “I Wish I Was in New Orleans” (Small Change)
09 “I Don’t Want To Grow Up” (Bone Machine)
10 “No One Knows I’m Gone” (Alice)
11 “Who Are You?” (Bone Machine)