Weeknd, Rick Ross Comment On Drake/Common Drama

A late entry to our 10 Biggest Band Beefs Of 2011 list was the developing issue between Common and Drake, which may or may not have been based on general jealousy surrounding Serena Williams, of all people. Common started things out, huffing and puffing at Drake on his song “Sweet,” and each one had made pointed comments about the other in various public forums. That particular pro-wrestling storyline has continued into the new year. Drake, sounding more legitimately tough than he ever has before, served up some impressively regal disdain for Common on his verse from Rick Ross’s “Stay Schemin’.” Common, less impressively, recorded his own version of the same track, firing back at Drake. And now the rest of the music universe is getting in on it in one way or another.

As Exclaim! points out, Abel Tesfaye, the Weeknd singer and Drake buddy, came out on the pro-Drake side of things on Twitter: “that was the worst comeback ive ever heard. reminds me of someone’s drunk uncle…” Cash Money Records boss Birdman has also, unsurprisingly, voiced support of Drake. And Rick Ross has commented in a more indirect sort of way, retweeting the Houston rap elder Scarface: “There is a certain level of respect all men have to have for one another any form of disrespect means you are prepared to DIE #fuckarapbeef.” “Fuck a rap beef,” as Rick Ross well knows, is just the sort of thing a rapper says when he doesn’t care enough to pick a side.

I have yet to hear a single prominent rapper come out in support of Common on this one. Sorry, Lonnie!