Watch Jimmy Fallon As David Bowie + Tim Tebow (Yes, TeBowie)

I know what you’re going to say and, believe me, I was skeptical also, but I can actually sign off on this: Jimmy Fallon channels Bowie and Tim Tebow as TeBowie, in which he stages a dialogue between Jesus and Tebow through an interpretation of “Space Oddity.” Jimmy clearly learned a lesson from John Parr, who taught the world that the easiest path to relevance/web-wide notoriety is a Tim Tebow-centric song rework. “Jesus Christ to Tim Tebow/Please leave me alone … I hear that you play New England next week/Dude, you’re on your own.” Justin Timberlake doesn’t show up, but that’s the only real gripe I have. Watch the clip from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon below.