Young Kanye Reads A Poem For MLK

Yesterday, we posted video of a 19-year-old Kanye West getting all super-scientifical while rapping onstage in Chicago. Well, YouTube poster DDot Omen must’ve gotten into Kanye’s old family video stash, since we now have footage of a 13-year-old Kanye reading a poem in honor of Martin Luther King on TV in 1990. The video is a bit hard to make out, since it was evidently made when someone held a video camera up to a TV, which means we get a couple of layers of graininess. But you can still tell that he already sounds like Kanye. Watch it below.

After two YouTube videos in two days, teenage Kanye has managed not to do anything embarrassing; I can only contemplate how much worse things would be if there were videos of teenage me floating around out there.

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