Rewards & Alia Shawkat Cover “Wicked Game”

A few months ago, we noticed that indie bands like Washed Out and WU LYF were covering the fuck out of Chris Isaak’s almighty soft-focus smooth jam “Wicked Game,” and we even got Chris Isaak himself to comment on the phenomenon. Well, here’s another “Wicked Game” to throw on the pile.

Rewards is the former Chairlift member Aaron Pfenning; we’ve previously posted his track “What A Loser” and his Solange collab “Equal Dreams.” Alia Shawkat is the actress who played Maeby Fünke on Arrested Development. They got together to record a perfectly lovely electronic pop version of the song, and you can download it below.

Rewards – “Wicked Game” (Feat. Alia Shawkat) (Chris Isaak Cover)
(via Pitchfork)

Rewards has an album coming out on DFA later this year.