Oberhofer – “HEART”

In a recent Progress Report, our T. Cole Rachel spoke with Oberhofer’s Brad Oberhofer about the making of his debut LP and the inspirations involved with the project. Mr. Oberhofer, on first love:

… there’s some turmoil and eventually heartbreak, and the loss of the naiveté of believing that your first love will be your only. So I learned to enjoy aloneness –- not loneliness but aloneness –- and there are some songs about the importance of it. Not the importance of it but just how I’ve noticed how beautiful things are out of being alone. Because when you’re in love and you’re with someone you don’t always notice how beautiful everything else is.

You can hear some of that longing in the first single from Time Capsules II, “HEART,” an arrangement that stands out as Oberhofer’s most polished yet. Download the track after the jump.

Oberhofer – “HEART”

Time Capsules II is out 3/27 on Glassnote.

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