New R.E.M. Video – “Hollow Man”

The skilled animators of Crush are behind this clip from the Athens trio everyone was buzzing about at SXSW. When we asked Matt Fluxblog to prematurely evaluate Accelerate he wrote of the tune:

This one has the best fake-out in the R.E.M. catalog: You think it’s going to be a tinkly piano ballad, but then it bolts off in the opposite direction, and shifts into a jumpy power-pop anthem. The lyrics are a bit on-the-nose, but eh, what can you do?

Along with some shaggy-haired young folks and dancing desktop icons, those on-the-nose lyrics are on display in this vid. Like “Fall On Me.” Except nothing is misspelled. Anyway, we hear the band is pretty Web savvy, so no doubt the heavily pixelated video was strategic (this won’t lose any luster on YouTube). Watch “Hollow Man” at (Psst — You can download our free covers tribute to Automatic For The People here.)

UPDATE: Embed.

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