Snoop Dogg, Ne-Yo Invading Your Stories

As if daytime television wasn’t cool enough. Rappers will be guesting on your favorite soap operas next month. First up, Snoop Dogg on One Life To Live where he will perform “Sensual Seduction” and “Life Of Day Party” as a character’s bachelorette party. For the two episodes in which he cameos, the OLTL theme song will be replaced by a special Snoop version. It will probably feature a Talkbox. “I’ve been a fan of One Life To Live since I was a baby,” Snoop claims. “My momma always had it on the tube in the crib growing up.” Riiight.

Not to be outdone, Ne-Yo performs two of his songs (“Closer” and “Stop This World”) on All My Children 5/21 and 5/22, “during the long anticipated second wedding of Angie and Jesse Hubbard,” according to AP. “Following the Grammy winner’s performance at the reception, the bride will be kidnapped and taken away on a helicopter. The characters of Angie and Jesse Hubbard recently reunited after a 20-year absence following Jesse’s presumed death.” Of course.

No way will it be weirder than when the Scissor Sisters were on Passions. Of course, none of ‘em hold a candle to the hippest soap opera moment of all time.

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