Miracles Of Modern Science (AKA The Bon Joviver Guys) – “Friend Of The Animals”

Last week, the New Jersey band Miracles Of Modern Science launched 100 comments-section puns when they covered “You Give Love A Bad Name” the way Justin Vernon would and called the result Bon Joviver. And expertly executed though that joke may be, it’s also worth noting that the band is perfectly good at crafting its own densely orchestrated, occasionally vaguely funky indie prettiness. Below, download their big, ambitious, generally impressive song “Friend Of The Animals.”

Miracles Of Modern Science – “Friend Of The Animals”

The band’s album Dog Year is out now and available on their Bandcamp page. And here’s a quote from mandolin player Josh Hirshfeld about the whole Bon Joviver thing: “We had hit a wall after a long day of practice and needed a break. I made the ‘Bon Joviver’ pun thinking we’d laugh and move on. Instead we spontaneously launched into ‘You Give Love A Bad Name’ in our most Bon Iver-esque falsetto and couldn’t stop ourselves from recording it, throwing on some cabin-style reverb, and shooting a video on Evan’s phone. By the end of the night it was up on Youtube. It’s been fun seeing people respond with their own band name combinations — I’d love to hear LCD Soundsystem Of A Down.”