Tegan & Sara Are Indie Rock’s Laurel & Hardy

When it comes to cute, Canadian, creatively coiffed, twindie rockers, Tegan and Sara Quin are among the best. Did you know they’re witty? The duo’s sisterly bickering is a big hit on YouTube. After a triumphant performance at Coachella, the girls talked to AP about their comedy stylings. “Sometimes I like it more than music,” said Tegan. “It calms the audience down. I think it makes them feel like we’re real people, not like a rock show or watching television. We’re really, actually there.” Tegan & Sara record all their shows and according to the article, they’re weighing making a mixtape of their best onstage jokes. Hope they do prank calls too (“Is your refrigerator running, Mr. Walla?”) Here’s video of the witty, mainstage banter on display Friday. (Sarah: “Wear sunscreen under your clothes…” / Tegan: “…if you shop at H&M. Their stuff’s really cheap and thin.”)

In between the jokes, there is some fine, emotional pop to enjoy. Watch the entire Coachella performance here.