M.I.A. Requests Extras In Burkas On Tour Rider

Every big-time touring musician has a slightly ridiculous tour rider, but most of those riders don’t appear on the Smoking Gun. M.I.A., once again notorious thanks to her bird-flipping stunt at the Super Bowl, appears to be the exception. As the Smoking Gun reports, M.I.A.’s 2011 tour rider includes all the luxuries you’d expect: absinthe, hummus, Italian chocolate. And, in faintly ridiculous language, it also sheds some light on M.I.A.’s stagecraft. It requests three female extras with stage presence who are willing to stand onstage for the entire show, “groove to the music,” and wear full Burkas throughout. Producers for alarmist Fox News talk shows now have something else to worry about. Observe.

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