The Child Actors – “Summer Lawns” & “McKinley” (Stereogum Premiere)

The icepick-sharp, criminally underrated New York indie band Oxford Collapse broke up in 2009, and we’ve heard precious little from the group’s members since. But now, former Oxford Collapse frontman Mike Pace is back with a new project called the Child Actors — entirely a solo affair, despite the pluralized name. The Child Actors’ first release is a new two-song single, and both of its tracks, “Summer Lawns” and “McKinley,” are enormously likable ramshackle roots-indie. The former Get Him Eat Him frontman and rock critic Matt LeMay produced both tracks. Give them a listen below.

The Child Actors – “Summer Lawns”

The Child Actors – “McKinley”

The single is out now at the Child Actors’ Bandcamp page.

[photo by Kim Hall]