Sufjan Stevens And Rosie Thomas – “Where Were You?”

For a collaborative 7″ single that’ll be coming out on 4/21, Record Store Day, Sufjan Stevens has teamed up with his buddy and frequent collaborator Rosie Thomas. The A-side of the single is a reimagined version of “Where Were You?,” a song from Thomas’s album With Love. On the B-side, Sufjan offers up an answer song called “Here I Am!” (Exclamation point his.) Sufjan recorded and mixed both tracks, and both artists show up on both songs. The new version of “Where Were You?,” streaming below, is further evidence that Sufjan is getting really, really into electronic textures lately.

Between that and s / s / s’s “Museum Day,” it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Sufjan is going through an Auto-Tune phase. If he ends up making his own 808s And Heartbreaks, this could be pretty fascinating.