Watch The Shins Return To SNL

The Shins’ fourth LP Port Of Morrow streams on iTunes on Tuesday, but fans paying close attention have already heard most of the album’s songs through various teasers and studio sessions. (Specifically: “Simple Song,” September,” “The Rifle’s Spiral,” It’s Only Life,” “Bait And Switch,” “No Way Down,” and “Port Of Morrow.”) Tonight saw James Mercer introduce his new lineup and new tunes to fans who maybe haven’t been paying such close attention, via the occasionally memeworthy and increasingly indie happenings at Studio 8H. The Shins appeared on Saturday Night Live once before, as did host Jonah Hill. Watch the SXSW-bound band perform “Simple Song” and “It’s Only Life” below.

“Simple Song”

“It’s Only Life”

(via The Audio Perv)

Port Of Morrow is out 3/20 on Columbia/Aural Apothecary. The $153.98 edition includes a tote bag.