Justin Vernon Preps LP With Astronautalis

The Minneapolis City Pages reports that Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon has formed a new band with the folksy Minneapolis indie-rapper Astronautilis and that the two holed up to start recording a new album this weekend. The collaboration also includes Gayngs mastermind Ryan Olson (who’s presumably the connecting thread here) and Bon Iver drummer/solo artist S. Carey.

In a City Pages interview, Astronautilis claims that the collaboration is going to be more of an impressionistic, free-form thing and that it won’t just be him rapping and Vernon singing hooks: “There may be tracks where I freestyle for hours and hours, and we may end up using four words.” Also, Astronautilis has been posting updates and photos from the recording sessions on his Tumblr, which is probably what you would also do if you were recording an album with Justin Vernon.