Queens Of The Stone Age - Like Clockwork

Based on the two songs we’ve already heard from …Like Clockwork — “My God Is The Sun” and “I Appear Missing” — the new Queens Of The Stone Age album promises to be a good one. And now we’ve got two more, both of which provide ample reason to keep expectations high. Josh Homme and Co. played an in-studio show for a Belgian radio station today, offering a pair previously unheard …Like Clockwork tracks, “I Sat By The Ocean” and “If I Had A Tail.” It’s impossible to accurately envision what the final versions of these songs will sound like based on radio rips of live renditions, but QOTSA are such a goddamned tight live act that the disparity probably isn’t too vast. Check ’em out, see for yourself.

…Like Clockwork is out 6/4 via Matador.

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  1. Everything I’ve heard from this album has been kinda “Meh.” Which is really too bad. Rated R and Songs for the Deaf are STILL two of my favourite albums ever. Oh well. We always have their live show…

  2. I appear missing and my god is the sun were great, but these two tracks sound like they’re off an eagles record.

    • Your downvotes are undeserved. Queens are a great live band to experience, but I would never show a live version of a song to a QotSA newbie before I showed them the recorded version.

      With that said, conversely, I think we should withhold judgment on these songs until we hear the recorded versions.

      • I judged what was available to me, which were the live versions. when the studio versions are made available I will judge them as well. let all be judged, I say.

  3. As músicas são muito boa, mas não foi o que eu esperava do QOTSA, ta parecendo até música de carreira solo do Josh… desde o primeiro CD que as músicas do Queens foram muito pesadas, a My god is the sun cumpriu essa características, mas essas nem parece tipo de música pra vim no começo do CD, mas… agente não sabe ainda do que tem por vir né, pra saber realmente é so esperar até 4 de junho D:

  4. Eu realmente realmente acompanho o QOTSA, e posso dizer que o nick oliveri faz falta por vezes na composição das músicas e muito mais na composição das letras… enfim depois da saída dele eu nem preciso dizer que o “groove” na linha do baixo ficou medíocre, isso era claro em “Lullabies to Paralyse”, fiquei super animado com o “Era Vulgaris” pois parecia que o peso <apesar de não ser no baixo" havia voltado, temo que este novo álbum seja um retrocesso a um status de quase pós "Song for the deaf". estou adorando as músicas novas apesar de já visualizar um dificuldade conceitual a cerca da proposta desse novo trabalho, enfim… enjoy it :)

  5. I’m not sure where this negativity is coming from? My God Is the Sun and I Appear Missing are awesome, and these two songs out of context might sound a little soft, but in the midst of an album created to listen from beginning to end, like all QotSA records, they might fit in perfectly. Never say die.

  6. doesn’t the chorus of ‘if i had a tail’ sound like a part from the excellent Them Crooked Vultures tune ‘Gunman’? it’s even got the dancey hi-hat swoops….also, Josh H., more TCV please. right now…and EODM yes, i’m greedy.

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