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For a band that’s mostly been a nostalgia-circuit touring concern for the past decade, the Pixies have been in the news an awful lot lately. First, longtime bassist (and Breeders leader) Kim Deal left the band. Then, they came out with “Bagboy,” their first new song in nine years. And now they’ve got a bunch of new European tour dates (with more coming, around the world), as well as a new bassist. Oddly enough, this one is also a woman named Kim with a heavy ’90s alt-rock pedigree — and no, it’s not Kim Gordon. Kim Shattuck, former frontwoman of the great bubble-fuzz band the Muffs (pictured above), will be taking over. Check the European dates below.

09/29 – Paris, France @ Olympia
10/02 – Brussels, Belgium @ Ancienne Belgique
10/05 – Amsterdam, Holland @ Paradiso
10/08 – Berlin, Germany @ Huxleys
10/10 – Prague, Czech Republic @ Lucerna Music Hall
11/01 – Vienna, Austria @ Gasometer
11/02 – Geneva, Switzerland @ Thonex
11/04 – Milan, Italy @ Alcatraz
11/07 – Madrid, Spain @ La Riviera
11/09 – Lisbon, Portugal @ Coliseum
11/13 – Copenhagen, Denmark @ Falkoner
11/13 – Oslo, Norway @ Sentrum Scene
11/15 – Stockholm, Sweden @ Munchen Brewery
11/18 – Dublin, Ireland @ Olympia
11/21 – Manchester, UK @ Apollo
11/22 – Glasgow, UK @ Barrowlands
11/24 = London, UK @ Hammersmith Apollo

Frank Black has also promised that the band will play “songs that we haven’t played in ages or never played live before,” as Pitchfork reports.

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  1. Sorry, Pixies, but I won’t be Muff-diving in your nostalgia trip any longer.

    They should have just capped how long their reunion stint would last, because ultimately they just ended up hating each other all over again. It’s not like we didn’t know this whole thing wasn’t a cash grab, but it’s overstayed it’s welcome and now they’ve just gotten to the point where their legacy ends with an asterisk.

    Here’s hoping Sonic Youth don’t get any ideas from this and trudge along without their Kim.

  2. Replacing Kim Deal is wrong. There are instances where a band is much more than whoever wrote the songs, and this is one of them.

  3. i don’t think i want a new album :\

    • I’m sorry, Tim, but it isn’t enough for Black Francis that he wrote almost all the material and sang almost every song. He’s on a mission to determine how much of people’s adoration for “the Pixies” is really adoration for him, and the only way to do that is to keep touring under the Pixies moniker and gradually subtract original band members.

  4. One fact that I feel is getting ignored in all this: Kim Shattuck is awesome. She is also the CURRENT frontwoman of the Muffs. Who are also awesome. The fact that she’s involved has changed my view of the Pixies continuing.

    For me, after watching the craptacular documentary loudQUIETloud, any mystique about them in current day has vanished. Deal continues to do great work on her own and with the Breeders, I can only hope the remaining Pixies can do the same.

  5. Two points of clarification: 1) Kim Shattuck is awesome and 2) is still the current frontwoman of the Muffs.

  6. Ok appearing in the news like 2 or 3 times is really not that much dude

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