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Early this morning, the reactivated Nine Inch Nails played a set at Japan’s Fuji Rock Festival, their first live show since Trent Reznor decided it was time to bring back his dormant project. At the festival, the band debuted its new stage setup, which, as Reznor recently told The New York Times, was partly inspired by the Talking Heads’ concert film Stop Making Sense. And Reznor also debuted something else: “Find My Way,” which follows the great “Came Back Haunted” as the second song we’ve heard from the forthcoming NIN comeback album Hesitation Marks. Like “Came Back Haunted,” “Find My Way” is a moody, meditative, fully atmospheric synthpop track, and it’s got none of the cathartic crunch of so many of Reznor’s old songs. It’s a very pretty piece of music, and you can watch the band performing it — with very good audio — below. (UPDATE: Audio from another new song, “Copy Of A,” is now below as well.)

“Find My Way”

(via Consequence Of Sound)

“Copy Of A” (Audio Only)

Hesitation Marks is out 9/3 on Columbia.

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  1. Looks like that song is immediately after “Came Back Haunted” on “Hesitation Marks” tracklisting. Quite the abrupt shift.

  2. Find My Way sounds incredible. I love how Trent can write so simple lyrics but take them to a whole other level of complexity. Can’t wait for Hesitation Marks.

    • “I have made a great mistake
      Pray the lord my soul to take”

      …is quite possibly the worst rhyming couplet the man has ever put together. And that’s taking into consideration a VERY long history or writing terrible rhyming couplets. I LOVE Nine Inch Nails. I am a HUGE, OBSESSIVE fan, and have been since the LATE EIGHTIES! Which is exactly why I can say that Trent Reznor rarely writes good lyrics, something that he’s aware and has commented on himself. He gets by on the fact that his music is incredibly catchy and emotional, and if he fits the right word into the right part of the song it can create a very powerful, even visceral reaction in the listener. But a good lyricist he is not.

      • I wouldnt go as far as to say he isnt good, but it is certainly not his stronger quality. For me DS is as a whole excelent lyricaly though. In other news, I think this album will be better than anything he s done since With Teeth. I just have that feeling.

        • Well, it’s probably going to come down to one of those “art is subjective” and each person hears them differently kind of things. For me, a good portion of his lyrics have ALWAYS been cringe-worthy. But again, I think he makes them work with the power of his music, the way he arranges them over said music and the passion with which he delivers them. He makes you want to believe that they aren’t just moderately passable high school poetry, but really, a lot of them are. Totally agree that TDS is a high point, though. A lot of The Fragile is still at that level, too.

  3. So boring.

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